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DIY Etch On Metal Using Battery And Salt Water Metal Etching


How to etch metal using a 9 volt battery and some water! It’s pretty simple and the results are amazing! The design is created by using the battery to force a chemical reaction between the metal, water and salt. It is a cool example of a redox reaction, and way more fun that a canned chemistry lab.

source/image(PrtSc): ADDYOLOGY

This kind of etching will happen fairly slowly in saltwater without the addition of electricity, but electricity speeds it up mightily, for three reasons.

The chlorine in saltwater can corrode many metals, including stainless steel, leaving them pitted and rough.Speed along the process with electricity, and rapidly etch a pattern onto stainless steel.


As you will see, the stainless steel becomes cloudy and pitted wherever it’s touched by the cotton swab, but remains unchanged under the electrical tape. Congratulations: You’ve just etched metal via electrically induced corrosion.This video is only for entertainment purposes. Dont try it at home.

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