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A Custom Made Mercedes Unimog U5000 SUV/WAGON

However, for those for whom the G is just not enough, they can pay some coachbuilders to make them something like this. It is a custom Unimog U5000 SUV, and it was spotted in China.The Unimog 500, dubbed the largest SUV in the world, is based on the Unimog S5000 utility vehicle, that also comes in various military variants.

source: autoevolution/image: boltair3

Apparently, the special vehicle was commissioned by a wealthy Chinese businessman, back in 2010, yet he could not get it registered, primarily because the local legislation is very strict when it comes to diesels.

The U5000 is powered by a 4.8-liter four-pot diesel, which pumps out 290 hp and 810 Nm, and it is apparently virtually impossible to register and run such a vehicle in town, in China.Mercedes-Benz Unimog are multi purpose all wheel drive medium weight trucks that are designed and produced for conquering tough terrain.


It comes in many body styles ranging from full blown rack crawler to a subtle people carrier. Its major advantage comes from its ground clearance via y portal gears that allow the axles and transmission to be higher than the tires’ centers. This is a legend in terms of off roading machines concerns.