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A Device That Detects Hidden Cameras – Spying Prevention!

SpyFinder Pro is an easy-to-use personal handheld hidden camera lens detector that quickly locates all undetectable hidden cameras undetectable to the naked eye.When the power button is “pressed” on side of unit, and you look through the viewfinder, it activates six special bright-red LED strobe lights designed to bounce off the smallest of camera lenses.

source/image(PrtSc): Spy Associates

The tiny camera lens will appear to blink back at you as a reflection off camera lens itself , instantly giving away its location as you scan the area around you. It doesn’t matter if the camera is turned on or off, recording or not…even if its a non-working camera, the blinking effect will clearly show you the presence of a camera lens which is almost impossible to detect with the naked eye.via: SpyFinder

Knowing where the camera is located will allow you to take immediate action to prevent unauthorized recording of activity. In addition, there are 3 LED intensity levels which helps hone in on camera lenses which could be hidden behind different surfaces.


A flat wall 30 feet away could use the highest LED intensity, while a semi reflective shiny surface 5 feet away would use the lowest intensity. This prevents false reflections, maximizing the ability to find a hidden camera lens in any room environment.