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A Fascinating Spiral Table Build/DIY From Start To Finish!

For this project I used 8 cm thick oak planks. First, all the major cracks were removed using a bandsaw. Two sides of each plank are then planed to a flat surface.Each side is fingerjointed. For gluing, I used ordinary d3 acetate glue. Steal base is cut from 10×2.5 cm steel.via: lignum

source/image: lignum

Parts are welded together and positioned on the robot table. Legs are bent from 10×5 cm rectangular steel pipes to a diameter of 3m. Each leg is positioned on a base and welded. Excess is cut parralel to the ground. Nuts to hold plastic pads are welded inside each pipe end.

Whole leg base is sandblasted an transparent automotive paint is applied. After drying, wooden tabletop is planed on a robot cnc.


Groove is milled in bottom side of table top where steel base will be fastened. Table top is sanded first with belt sander, then with orbital sander. 3 coats of matte polyurethane varnish are applied with sanding in between of each coat. After last coat dried, table top is fastened to steel leg base using 12 6×50 screws./lignum