Home Technology IRIS eTrike Prototype – A Fully-Enclosed Electric Assist Velomobile

IRIS eTrike Prototype – A Fully-Enclosed Electric Assist Velomobile

Iris eTrike, is an electric vehicle is a single-seater electrically assisted pedal vehicle,build by a U.K. based company named Grant Sinclair Design Ltd,it’s called the IRIS eTrike and it’s a futuristic velomobile that goes drives using muscle & electric power.

source/image(PrtSc): Grant Sinclair Design Ltd

SUPER FAST – IRIS eTrike® has been developed to be a consumer friendly version of the world’s fastest, human powered bike concepts. The body design is inspired by aerodynamic helmets used for velodrome bike racing.

Classified as a pedelec electric tricycle (EAPC road legal with no license or insurance required for age 14+), IRIS includes as standard a restricted 250 watt pedal assist motor that starts as soon as pedalling is detected.


The Iris eTrike has standard bicycle pedals and 8-speed race bike gears,high gearing gives the rider extra momentum to continue pedalling from 15.5mph to 30mph. Other motor options are available at checkout for different territories or off-road use (up to 1000 watt)./grantsinclair