Home Technology R70 Di BLASI Electric Powered Folding Moped

R70 Di BLASI Electric Powered Folding Moped


A foldable electric moped, comfortable to carry with you by train, coach, car boot, plane or boat.Practical and lightweight, easy to fold and unfold, pleasing to drive.

source/image(PrtSc): Di Blasi

The electric powered folding moped R70 from Di Blasi is perfect for commuters, travelers and, in general, for those who need to move easily in the city and do not want to be locked in traffic.

The folding moped mod. R70 is powered by a lithium battery electric motor. It reaches a speed of up to 40 km/h and has a 50 km travel range measured under standard use conditions.


The folding mechanism is quick and simple allowing the moped to be folded to the dimensions of a bag in 4 seconds with three simple steps, without using tools and without the need to remove or adjust any part.The electric moped R70 weighs 36.2 Kg (battery included),a LiFePO4 battery can store at least 4 times more energy than a lead battery.