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Full CARBON Electric Bike ESCORT MID Drive


Full carbon electric bike. Very light and strong.Suitable for any road. You can use it in city, in counrty or on off roadReach standard configuration. Elegant and beautiful.The Escort uses hydraulic calipers on the brakes, and 203mm rotors from Brakco in Taiwan.

source/image(PrtSc): Alex Guliyants

Fully-loaded, the Escort has a weight of 77-lb (35-kg), and this is a full-sized vehicle suitable for riders up to a height of 6-ft 3-inch (195 cm). The carbon-fiber construction plays a major role in keeping the weight down.

The 3000w motor is mounted on the swingarm instead of the center of the rear wheel. Hubmotors clearly do work, but engineering-wise, if there is any way that you can move the weight of the motor out of the wheel, and as far forward as possible.It makes the entire bike more nimble. This has a beneficial effect on the feel of the ride, especially for off-roaders.


In a large direct drive hubmotor, the motor spins at exactly the same RPMs as the wheel. A 26-inch wheel at 28-MPH (45 km/h), would be spinning at only 360-RPMs. Max speed: 65 km/h.Max distance: 90 km.You can charge the battery while it’s in the frame, and in keeping with current trends in ebike design, you can remove the battery box to store it inside.via/read more: electricbike