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Big 1:6 Scale RC Lockheed SUPER CONSTELLATION TWA Star of America

GIANT 1:6 scale Radio Controlled (RC) Lockheed SUPER CONSTELLATION TWA ‘Star of America’ AIRLINEROwned and built by Keith Mitchell, this model took 5 years of combined design and construction. Its initial flights were taken under the Large Model Association scheme (approved by the CAA) for model aircraft over 80KG.via: Essential RC

source/image(PrtSc): Essential RC

This is the perfect ready to fly RC plane and is built with a great attention to the detail of its appearance and performance.read more: Essential RC

It underwent 12 test flights for combined flight time of more than 2 hours to get it’s LMA\CAA certificate to fly at public shows.A rarely modelled scale radio controlled aircraft in an amazing scheme applied by the master, Philip Noel of Pinnacle Aviation.


The Lockheed Constellation (“Connie”) is a propeller-driven, four-engine airliner built by Lockheed Corporation between 1943 and 1958 at Burbank, California. The Constellation was used as a civil airliner and as a military and civilian air transport…/wikiipedia

Specifications of this fantastic model.

  • Wingspan: 21 Feet
  • Length: 19 Feet
  • Weight: 220 Lbs
  • Engines: 4 x ZDZ 90cc petrol
  • Props: 4 x 28 x 10 Biela Carbon
  • Radio: Futaba 14 Channel
  • Servos: 22 (13 channels for ailerons, elevator, rudder, flaps, throttle x 4, landing gear and lights)