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A GIANT 1:6 Scale RC Lockheed SUPER CONSTELLATION TWA “Star of America”

GIANT 1:6 scale Radio Controlled (RC) Lockheed SUPER CONSTELLATION TWA ‘Star of America’ AIRLINEROwned and built by Keith Mitchell, this model took 5 years of combined design and construction. Its initial flights were taken under the Large Model Association scheme (approved by the CAA) for model aircraft over 80KG.via: Essential RC

source/image(PrtSc): Essential RC

This is the perfect ready to fly RC plane and is built with a great attention to the detail of its appearance and performance.read more: Essential RC

It underwent 12 test flights for combined flight time of more than 2 hours to get it’s LMA\CAA certificate to fly at public shows. A rarely modelled scale radio controlled aircraft in an amazing scheme applied by the master, Philip Noel of Pinnacle Aviation.


The Lockheed Constellation (“Connie”) is a propeller-driven, four-engine airliner built by Lockheed Corporation between 1943 and 1958 at Burbank, California. The Constellation was used as a civil airliner and as a military and civilian air transport…/wikiipedia

Specifications of this fantastic model.

  • Wingspan: 21 Feet
  • Length: 19 Feet
  • Weight: 220 Lbs
  • Engines: 4 x ZDZ 90cc petrol
  • Props: 4 x 28 x 10 Biela Carbon
  • Radio: Futaba 14 Channel
  • Servos: 22 (13 channels for ailerons, elevator, rudder, flaps, throttle x 4, landing gear and lights)