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A Leaning Custom Harley-Trike Motorcycle Freewheeler!!

This is a custom made Harley leaning trike made from Kreissieg (KSG) a Japan Company. They have build a special tilting design which allows the two rear wheels to lean into the turn, just as if you only had one, as on a normal motorbike.

source/image: ksgtrike

You ride it just like a regular motorcycle but with twice as much traction in the corners and when stopping the bike.

source/image: ksgtrike

Since the traction in the rear of the bike has now effectively doubled what it once was, that means when you lean into the corner, you have the traction to go deeper into it before you have to hit the brakes and turn in along with accelerate faster out of it.


The trike mode and motorcycle mode can be instantly switched with the electric switch .Switching to the bike mode, the lock mechanism will come off and the motorcycle will become like a fixed wheel trike motorcycle.Cornering can be done smoothly like a motorcycle.read more at their website: ksgtrike

Switching to the leaning trike mode, the swing arms of the rear wheels are connected to the left and right, and the rear wheels are larger than the handle width.Because it becomes a narrow special trike, if it is possible to pass the steering wheel, “pass through” like a motorcycle can.