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A Natural AR Interface To Visualize The Menu In Full-Size 3D


HoloLamp creates a natural AR interface to visualize the menu in full-size 3D and to easily place the order. The HoloLamp IoT device projects bright images -200 lumens and for a relatively small surface-, making it the ideal AR solution for any restaurant light condition.

source/image(PrtSc): HoloLamp

Accompanying 3D scanning technology based on photogrammetry is used to create the 3D models of the food.The diner can understand the portion sizes of the dishes unlike any non-interactive paper menu. The dishes can be viewed from all angles. The level of details is then higher than what can be obtained with a picture.read more (HoloLamp).

Using HoloLamp, the diners can easily engage with their surroundings, while smartphones or tablets place a screen between them. HoloLamp is therefore a convivial solution. HoloLamp provides a non-invasive interface contrary to touch-screen tables. When off, there is no screen but the table as it is.


HoloLamp only projects content on precise regions of interest. The diner is focused on the content and is not overwhelmed by distractive invasive light that is displayed on screens.