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DIY/Homemade Underwater Wind Breathing Apparatus


In this video i will show you how to make a underwater breathing apparatus usig only the power of the wind.The air compressor is taken from a car,inside this type of compressor there are 6 small pistons.Is very important to cean very well and wash away any type of oil or gas from inside the compressor!Take this video only as entratainment and curiosity about how i made it only recycling things!/Rulof Maker

source/image: Rulof Maker

Since you have the compressor ready.Yuo need to think about a method to attach come blades to make like a wind turburbine.In this case i made by my self 2 blade using a bid PVC pipe 21cm diameter,i trace using a marker the shapes of the blades and than i cut erverything using a jig saw./Rulof Maker

The wind turbine’s blades look professional but you’ll be surprised to see that they’re simply cut from a PVC pipe. And they work great.


A long tube 15 Meters will connect the compressor that spins usiong the power of the wind to my mask.Its very important to take this video only for entratainment!Never try to use it.Wind can stop and compressed air can stop!These stunts are performed by trained professionals, don’t try this at home./Rulof Maker