Home SCIENCE A Shaolin Monk Throws a Needle Through GLASS In Slow Motion!!

A Shaolin Monk Throws a Needle Through GLASS In Slow Motion!!


It may sound impossible to throw a needle hard enough that it pierces through glass! But the Shaolins’ logic-defying move has been captured with a powerful slow-motion camera. That’s an incredible skill Shaolin monks.

image/text credit: The Slow Mo Guys 

In fact, it’s one of the 72 Shaolin secret arts, that monks say takes 10 or more years to master. The Slow Mo Guys invited three Shaolin monks to show off this seemingly impossible feat – and recorded it in slow motion to reveal how the Shaolin trick is really done.

The video posted just two days ago has already been viewed over two million times.. Though the needle itself does not pass through the glass, it shatters it hard enough to leave a crack and pop the balloon on the other side.


It’s feet per second vs. frames per second, as Gav and Dan join forces with three Shaolin Monks, who show off one of their most challenging skills—throwing a needle through glass.

VIAThe Slow Mo Guys
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