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A Stunning Full-Size 1896 Daimler Truck Replica!

This is a stunning, full-size replica of the world’s first truck, the 1896 Daimler. It had a two cylinder engine, leaf springs in the front and coil in the rear.

source/image(PrtSc): William Eggers Motorcycles

Handcrafted by Wild Bill Eggers, one of the country’s leading craftsmen, this working replica was originally used to deliver beer kegs.

Gottlieb Daimler’s first truck carried a payload of 1.5 tonnes and was powered by a 4 hp 2-cylinder Phoenix engine. However, it would be some time before this motorized carriage succeeded in ousting its horse-drawn counterpart.


When in 1896 the very first Daimler motor truck was delivered to London and the “motorized goods vehicle” rolled along the streets of Paris, they no doubt caused quite a stir. The motorized transportation of goods was intended to improve everyone’s standard of living – and it has done just that.