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Arthur van Poppel’s Masterpiece Steampunk Scooter!

A masterpiece of Arthur Van Poppel, this shapely, curvaceous scooter comes equipped with a guitar, an amp and a horn section, and is capable of surrounding the owner with good sounds – either of his choosing, or of his own making.

source/image(PrtSc): Arthur van Poppel

The golden glimmer that this steampunk beauty casts around itself particularly highlights the motorcycle. Not just an masterpiece, this Steampunk Scooter is fully functional when it comes to conveyance, and adds to features with the capability to put to good use the guitar, amp and horn that it carries.

Many of the numerous gadgets and gears you see on the scooter are for show, and several of them are there for legit purposes and have functions to perform. It’s functional art, and it is musical. It’s awesome.


Unfortunately, we do not have much more info about the motor and other tech specs.The Steampunk scooter motorcycle is only one piece of the number of creations this Dutchman is creating in his own studio, and afterwards displays them in different countries around Europe.