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A Stunning Tiny House With Amazing Pop Up Roof

This tiny house on wheels is something very special. Designed for a family of three, this home was designed with a very clever transforming function. When moved on the roads, it perfectly meets the legal height requirements but once parked up, the roof of the home pops up to create standing room in the sleeping loft./Living Big In A Tiny House

source/image(PrtSC): Living Big In A Tiny House

Constructed entirely as a DIY project, this tiny house was a definite labour of love for Ben and Nat, who had previously had very little construction experience.Watch the video from Living Big In A Tiny House for more info:

The finished tiny home gives the family of three everything they need, including a wonderful extra sleeping loft for their daughter Charlie.


Although the tiny home’s build has just been completed, you can see it’s already a great fit for this adventurous young family, especially with the help of the pop top roof! The next phase will see the addition of a complete off the grid system for the home. Enjoy the full video tour of this dynamic tiny house!/Living Big In A Tiny House