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BostonDynamics Handle Robot Reimagined for Logistics

Handle is a mobile manipulation robot designed for logistics. Handle autonomously performs mixed SKU pallet building and depalletizing after initialization and localizing against the pallets.

source/image(PrtSC): BostonDynamics

The on-board vision system on Handle tracks the marked pallets for navigation and finds individual boxes for grasping and placing./BostonDynamics

When Handle places a boxes onto a pallet, it uses force control to nestle each box up against its neighbors. The boxes used in the video weigh about 5 Kg (11 lbs), but the robot is designed to handle boxes up to (15 Kg) (33 lb).


This version of Handle works with pallets that are 1.2 m deep and 1.7 m tall (48 inches deep and 68 inches tall).Handle can jump an astonishing four feet and travel at top speeds of 9mph. Despite the wheels, the robot is impressively agile and can clearly navigate stairs also./BostonDynamics