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Waterotor The Solution For Sustainable Power

Waterotor converts more than half of the available energy to electricity when submerged in slow-moving waters. Proven to operate in oceans, canals, rivers and under ice, the Waterotor has no detrimental impact on its host waterways and does not endanger fish.

source/image(PrtSc): Waterotor Energy Technologies

Manufactured for continuous operation in streams and rivers, shown in water flowing less than 2 mph yet converting more than half of the available flow energy to electricity.

No other water energy extraction device has matched our high energy output while operating in very low water flows, as slow as 2 to 6 mph. It is a mobile device, it does not require bottom fixtures or foundations, only simple anchoring.


This design works better than propeller or wing-like blades, which require higher water speeds in order to match the same coefficient of power that the Waterotor achieves at two miles per hour.The Waterotor has the potential to bring electricity to 1.3 billion people worldwide that currently live without it. The invention provides a green solution by using the renewable resource flowing water./Waterotor