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A Super Efficient Off-Grid Earthship Built For Early Retirement Plan


In this video, we meet Connie and Craig from Wind Chasers. They’re a retired couple who built themselves a 100% off-grid, passive solar earthship using plans they bought from Mike Reynolds.The couple built the earth ship because they wanted to live an environmentally sustainable lifestyle.via: Exploring Alternatives

source/image(PrtSc): Exploring Alternatives

But they also wanted to live a financially sustainable lifestyle that would allow them to retire comfortably. Building this home using recycled tires and portland cement cost them a fraction of what a conventional house would have cost, and they got the 1200 recycled tires they needed for free! read more: Exploring Alternatives

In addition to the low construction cost, they don’t pay any bills to maintain the home. They use solar power instead of being hooked up to hydro. They collect their rain water instead of being hooked up to municipal water. They store energy from the sun in the thermal mass of their home instead of having a furnace.


The couple even grow a lot of their own food in their indoor planter, like tomatoes, sweet potatoes, bananas, carrots – you name it! The planter also stores energy from the sun to help maintain a stable temperature in the home.