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WILLIE Transparent Futuristic LCD Bus Concept

The “Willie” bus is a futuristic concept by designer Tad Orlowski that completely replaces the walls of the bus with large transparent LCD screens. This unique LCD bus utilizes new trends in technology to transform city landscapes and provide an added element to getting around town.

source/image(PrtSc): willie bus

With static advertising space replced with LCD screens the bus is transformed into a mobile billboard that display not only advertising but also information such as route plans, weather reports and suggestions for tourists.

It would perhaps be interesting to see the cost factor that comes into play with making an entire bus body out of LCDs, which perhaps could be handled with the greater commercial potential the bus offers.


The concept seems to focus on the outside looking in, and there is not much discussion about the passenger experience. Another issue would be the handling of these displays and their potential chance of distracting other motorists on the road.