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Unique Tiny House Made From Reclaimed And Recycled Materials


This dream tiny house is one that you have to see. This amazing small home is a unique combination of industrial and whimsical styles and is largely made from reclaimed and recycled materials, resulting in an incredibly spacious and luxurious home. Even more incredible is the story of this home’s construction and its builder.

source/image: Living Big In A Tiny House

The entire tiny house was constructed as a DIY build by owner Matt, who before this project had very little experience building. His completion of this home stands as a testimony of just what can be accomplished if you push through the hard times and keep working towards your goals.

From the grand entrance way with custom-built doors and deer antler handles reminiscent of a great viking hall, to the high vaulted ceiling interior which carries the sense of grandeur into the home, each and every inch of this tiny house is filled with beauty, character and clever design.


Thanks to the DIY nature of the build and the use of many reclaimed materials, this dream home was also built for an astoundingly low price! All throughout this home, there are artistic and high quality features which make every corner of the tiny home stand out. I hope you enjoy the full video tour of this very special tiny house on wheels.

VIA Living Big In A Tiny House
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