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A Versatile, Semi-Portable Bike Garage – BikeBOX24 XL

A German company seems to have solved the bike storage problem with a small, versatile, secure “bike shed” called BikeBOX24.The unique design coupled with high functionality provides your motorcycle, quad or e-bike a long term and reliable protection against weather influences, vandalism or theft.

source/image: bikeBOX24 GmbH

In the bikeBOX24 XL almost all common quads can be accommodated.Up to 4 bicycles or e-bikes can be stored in the bikeBOX24 XL.Of course, the bikeBOX24 XL can also be used for other utilities, e.g. lawn mowers, snow milling machines, sweepers, etc.

It looks like a portaloo, but it’s made of high-impact plastic with a high-grade steel cylinder lock and can be transported to any location or bolted down to the ground for extra security.The bikeBOX 24 has a very solid and weatherproof impregnated bottom plate, as it is also used in car trailers.


If necessary, the bikeBOX 24 can also be screwed to the ground via the base plate.The standard version is suitable for all sports motorcycles, scooters, small and medium sized touring and chopper and costs 2990 euros, the XL variant 3985 euros.