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A Young Wild Monkey Is Welcomed Back By His Family After Being Treated For An Injury!!!


Pearce is a 1 yr old vervet monkey, he was trapped due to an injured leg, after treatment and rest he was returned to his family.This video shows the amazing bond between not only the mother, but the whole troop and the Alpha male.

image/text credit: Nigel Wright

I wonder if their family has any idea what happened to the monkey? Like do they think humans kidnapped him and just finally released him or do they know he hurt himself!!

Vervet monkeys live in social groups, called troops, numbering up to 50 individuals.Troops usually consist of multiple male members that may not be related. Within each group there is an order of dominance that is maintained by threat and aggression.


They defend their territory by shouting and chasing off intruders, but rarely engage in actual fighting. Their grooming and communication is important for the co-operation of the group.

VIANigel Wright
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