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Gigantic RC SA-318 C Alouette II , Turbine Super Scale RC Helicopter

It’s been built in 1/4 scale and replicates the SA-318 C Alouette II. What’s amazing is the level of detail that went into building the machine. For example, the shrouded rotor design of the real machine has been kept.In real like, This makes the helicopter more silent, a requirement for use in urban areas.

image/text credit: RC MEDIA WORLD 

However, the mechanism is complex and has smaller tolerances. The rotor is only spinning at 1,000 rpm , the tips of the blades are traveling at 120 meters per second or 432 km/h .Controlling a helicopter is much more challenging than an aircraft.

The Aérospatiale Alouette II is a French light helicopter originally manufactured by Sud Aviation and later Aérospatiale. It holds the distinction of being the first production helicopter to be powered by a gas turbine engine instead of the conventional heavier piston powerplant.


On 12 March 1955, the prototype SE 3130 performed its maiden flight. The Alouette II was a widely used type and popular with operators, with over 1,300 rotorcraft eventually being constructed between 1956 and 1975. It was mostly used for military purposes in observation, photography, air-sea rescue, liaison and training, but it has also carried anti-tank missiles and homing torpedoes./wiki2