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AbiLoader-FX Automatic Wheelchair Loading System


The AbiLoader-FX is a robotic arm, which delivers Fixed-Frame wheelchairs from the luggage compartment of the vehicle to the front or side door of this vehicle.The AbiLoader may be used in cars with a high rear door, vertical or inclined, such as estate cars, station wagons, minivans, MPV, SUV, off-roaders or 4WD.

source/image(PrtSc): Igor G

This category of people can still drive regular cars because they do not have to move their wheelchair into the car. However, they would usually need someone to help with putting the wheelchair into the trunk and bringing it out.

The system ensures this category of people can travel independently. The system automatically loads the wheelchair into the vehicle once they get on the car seat, and it unloads it to an easily accessible point when they wish to get out. The seemingly complex process of loading and unloading happens at the press of a button!


The mechanism is mechanically adjustable to allow it to fit in a wide variety of vehicles. Once set it remains correct for the life of the device.The electrical operation is simple, requiring no electronics or calibration, for ease of installation and maintenance.Chair unloading is driven by 2 industry-standard, highly reliable electrical actuators driven from the car electrical system. A third actuator, mounted on the main base, is used to open the boot, where this is not already electrically controlled.via/read more: abiliquip