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ABS and Cornering ABS Explained – Motorcycle Stability Control


MSC stands for “Motorcycle Stability Control” that ensures more safety while braking. MSC is based on an angle-and-tilt ‘philosophy’ to ensure that the rider is supported in ALL situations under braking.

source/image(PrtSc): KTM Sportmotorcycle GmbH

Not only during slowing down and acceleration in a straight line but also in corners while leant over.MSC also reduces the uplift when braking hard in corners to help keep a tighter line.

The additional electronic control of brake distribution between the two wheels ensures that the braking forces are applied as smoothly as possible and the motorcycle is further stabilized.Cornering ABS has a complex and difficult job.


It must determine not only wheel speeds, but also cornering forces and lean angles, and constantly and rapidly calculate what proportion of full braking force, called for by the rider, may be applied to the individual brakes. This requires accurate and fast-acting sensors, computing power, and actuators, along with complex software.