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Aerones Heavy-Lift Drone For High-Altitude Building Cleaning!

The first heavy-lift drone for high altitude cleaning services.Demonstrations in Riga, Latvia.The Latvian company Aerones has introduced their line of heavy duty tethered cleaning drones that wash the windows of high altitude skyscrapers in an efficient manner.

source/image(PrtSc): Aerones

These drones are powered with water and electricity that come from the ground, essentially eliminate the human safety risk of such heights and are easily adaptable to different building styles.

The three meter-wide, 12-rotor machine is equipped with hoses and sponges, with on-board cameras allowing the ground-based pilot to carefully monitor the washing process.


Drone is capable to reach up to 350m in few minutes.In case there is need to reach higher heights, multi-stage integrated solution can be used. Electricity cable is provided for drone to stay in the air until cleaning is done.