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Agility Robotics Digit v2 Two-Legged Delivery Robot

Meet Digit version 2. New features: ground-up torso redesign, 2-DOF foot, active cooling and expanded environmental range, larger battery, and perception.

source/image: Agility Robotics

No music on this video so you can gauge robot sound levels relative to background HVAC sounds.This video shows shared autonomy, with picking/placing + footstep placement autonomous, nav under local teleop.

Digit itself is equipped with Lidar and stereo cameras, which he says allows it to navigate “basic scenarios.”This robot might not look exactly like a human but it walks like one. Built out of lightweight material, this robot is capable to lift packages that weight up to 40 pounds.


It can go up and down stairs, even walk naturally on uneven terrain.Digit’s torso houses two multi-core CPUs, and a modular payload bay allows a third computer – in a variety of possible form factors – to support additional perception and reinforcement learning capabilities.