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Air Opus Inflatable-Tube Folding Camper

Folding campers are good for that, and for people who want a bit more comfort than available in a tent. They work well for someone who is not convinced by owning a caravan, but loves to camp. Folding campers are good for people who have had enough of uncomfortable camp beds or blow up mattresses, and want a good sleep each night.

source/image(PrtSc): The Camping and Caravanning Club

AIR OPUS is a revolutionary folding camper with endless possibilities for adventure!It is ultra-lightweight and extremely easy to tow, even with a small car. Its low profile allows for all round visibility, so you can hitch up and drive away stress-free and with total confidence.

AIR OPUS uses AIR pole technology to inflate the camper in around 90 seconds. Head inside to complete the interior set up and you will find soft double beds for the perfect nights sleep; plush leatherette seating for a comfortable place to relax.


Stainless steel sink with running water, kitchenette with gas hobs and optional extras including refrigerator, heating, lighting, plug socks, plus many more home comforts. All of which make AIR OPUS inviting, relaxing and comfortable.Inside the trailer you have a luxurious, semi-circular seating area around a table at one end, with a kitchen in the middle. The kitchen has a gas hob, fridge and sink, plus quite a bit of storage.