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AircraftCaddy 35K, Aircraft Movers – Push, Pull & Maneuver Airplanes


DJProducts AircraftCaddy 35K Aircraft Movers push, pull and maneuver airplanes up to 35,000 lbs in an FBO or hangar for the airplane industry.

source/image(PrtSc): Joe Berg

The AircraftCaddys come with either a rigid mount wheel guide or an easy-on roller cradle that slides effortlessly under the nose wheel of any aircraft.

Once the tire of the aircraft is loaded in the cradle of the tug, the cradle has a 5th wheel style turning that allows our AircraftCaddy to turn a full 180 degrees underneath the wheel of the aircraft without turning the wheel or steering mechanism of your aircraft.


The lever handle and cable system on our aircraft movers lock and release the easy-on cradle when loading and unloading aircraft. Or the rigid mount wheel guide works great on aircraft with or without wheel pants.Pull Airplanes In Snow, Sleet, And GrassAt Any Airport,Battery Powered For Quiet, Smooth Acceleration.

VIA Joe Berg
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