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The Unique Zanzibar Pizza Is a Different Kind of Slice


If you find yourself at the Forodhani Night Market, don’t leave without paying a visit to Muhamedi, the Zanzibar Pizza Master. But if you’re expecting a greasy slice of ‘za, you’re in for a surprise.

source/image(PrtSc): Great Big Story

His culinary creations are little fried pockets of pure bliss, filled with everything from Snickers bars to octopus.Watch the video from Great Big Story for more info:

The Zanzibar pizza is fried with your choice of fillings right before your eyes, is always a safe bet.


The pizza stuffed with chicken, egg, chopped vegetables and cheese was my go-to meal, and the banana and chocolate pizza satisfied my sweet cravings.When they are ready, the pizzas are slid onto a paper plate and smothered with fresh, spicy mango-chili sauce.

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