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AJS R9 1930 500cc One Cylinder Sv Vintage Motorcycle


This bike spend its whole life in Sweden and is single family ownership from new. This R9 has been restored recently.The ‘R’ series of machines were introduced in 1930 with a reduced model range. There was the 996cc, side valve, V twin, ‘R2’ that sold for £63.

image: classic-motorcycle.com

There were three 349cc machines. The ‘R4’ was the deluxe side valve machine and sold for £63. The ‘R5’ was the standard lightweight machine, selling for £40 and the ‘R6’ was the overhead valve machine that sold for £53.

There were two 498cc machines, the overhead valve, two port ‘R8’ and the side valve ‘R9’. The machines sold for £59.10s.The ‘R12’ was a 248cc overhead valve, 2 port machine that sold for £40.


Joe Stevens, father of Harry, George, Jack, and Joe Stevens, first built an internal combustion engine in 1897, although his engines did not enter production until after 1900. His first engines, of 125cc, were sold as proprietary engines to other manufacturers.