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All-Electric Sea Zero Concept Cruise Ship


Hurtigruten Norwegian company with a consortium of 12 maritime partners and research institute SINTEF announced their concept ship. It will be the first zero-emission ship with a hope to set sail on the Norwegian coast in 2030.Although this ship is just a concept, it follows Hurtigruten’s sustainability model.

source.image: Hurtigruten Norwegian Coastal Express

Sea Zero has now entered a two-year phase in which the proposed technologies will be tried, tested, and developed further in pursuit of the final zero-emission ship. The current research and development phase focuses on battery production, propulsion technology, hull design, and sustainable practices that reduce energy use to an absolute minimum.

source.image: Hurtigruten Norwegian Coastal Express

The new zero-emission ship is modeled at 135 meters long, with 270 cabins that hold 500 guests and 99 crew. Just as Hurtigruten Norway has been transporting cargo along the Norwegian coast for 130 years, the new ship will also have a significant cargo hold and transport cars.The ship also comes with contra-rotating propellers and multiple retractable thrusters. The true centerpiece, however, is the state-of-the-art artificial intelligence system installed on the bridge.


The three retractable, autonomous wing rigs will comprise 1500m² of solar panels and a total wind surface of 750m², reaching a maximum height of 50m when fully extended.Battery levels will be displayed on the ship’s external sides, while the bridge, where the Captain and crew steer the ship, is expected to reduce significantly in size following enhanced A.I. maneuvering, mimicking that of an airplane cockpit.

Guests will play a key role in minimizing energy consumption through an interactive mobile app, where they can operate ultra-modern cabin ventilation, as well as measure their own water and energy consumption. Developing new technologies for onboard hotel operations, which can consume up to 50% of the ship’s total energy use, will be crucial to the project’s success. The goal is a 50% energy reduction compared to Hurtigruten Norway’s current ships.

VIA Hurtigruten Norwegian Coastal Express
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