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All New BMW R18 Spirit of Passion Classic Art Deco Style


This is the all new BMW R18 Spirit of Passion.Unmistakable design that is distinct from all others – that is the new “Spirit of Passion” by Kingston Custom.The biggest eye-catcher – and also the greatest challenge – is the Kingston fairing.

source/image(PrtSc): REC Anything

The bodywork is finished in handmade Kingston design, as are the handlebars and mudguard.The BMW R 18 exhaust has been modified by Oehlerking in Kingston Roadster style, while his saddle is drawn from the range of universal accessories.

The turn indicators have been replaced with Kellermann indicators and the LED front headlight is now integrated in the fairing.


The original paintwork and lines have been adopted for the fairing and wing, with the addition of some details in Kingston style. The wheel suspension and fuel tank are original. The design as a whole is based on classic art deco style.via/read more: REC Anything

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