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ALPEN Bike Capsule Outdoor Bike Storage Container

The World’s greatest outdoor bike storage container.LPEN Bike Capsule offers the ultimate security and protection for valuable bikes and all your cycling gear without sacrificing valuable interior space.

source/image(PrtSc): ALPEN Storage

No more lugging dirty bikes through lobbies, up elevators and down hallways, scratching walls and making a mess along the way.Easy to install and operate. Little maintenance required.

Optional Bluetooth lock offers tenants automatic access and rental payments, eliminating the need to swap out keys and collect rent.Heavy duty, roto-molded construction is extremely durable and made to last.


High Security: Integrated lock and key keeps the unit safe and secure from thieves and vandals. Entire unit bolts to ground surface. Weather Protection: Intelligent design naturally sheds water, yet breathes to prevent condensation, keeping your equipment dry and protected from harmful UV rays. Convenient Access: Mounts to decks, patios, balconies, rooftops, alleyways, garages and even lawns, offering easy access as you come an go from home on your bike.via/read more: ALPEN Storage