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Alpha-Centauri Luxury Hydroplane Powered By A V8 572 Big Block Chevy


Covered in a black matte exterior; the lean muscular body and sharp lines create a slick silhouette that implements its power.Named the alpha centauri, this sharp vessel combines the luxury of a super-yacht with the speed of a hydroplane race-boat.

source/image(PrtSc): Boats and Engines

The boat is made from top class materials which include a robust and durable stainless steel frame which is then surrounded with a lightweight composite shell for the aesthetic sheen and powered by a 750 hp, 9.5L Chevy V8 engine that delivers impeccable performance.

Open the cabin and a bright red interior is exposed.A Raymarine naval navigation system is installed inside to make sure you’re not lost as you blast through the sea at full speed.In terms of look, she looks strangely like Batman’s boat, between the two floats and the black colour of the hull.


Everything is covered in premium materials and the eye-catching red can be found on everything. Alpha Centauri boats are a small UK company, we design and manufacture speed boats, ideal as a superyacht tender or toy.

The composite sandwich construction with a stainless steel frame provides high rigidity while making the boat light.Other options include heating, air conditioning and a wide range of hull finishes.//read more: alphaboats

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