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Alpha Wolf Plus Electric Pickup Truck Equipped With a Geodesic Tent


Alpha Motor Corporation Collaborates with HEIMPLANET To Create The Future of Electric Mobility and Adventure.The special edition WOLF+™ Electric Truck is designed for open integration of various spatial structures. The tent is made by Heimplanet, a high-end camping equipment manufacturer from Germany.

source/image(PrtSc): Alpha Motor Corporation

The truck bed is used as an attachment platform for HEIMPLANET’s Cloudbreak™ Geodesic Tent, creating a completely new mobility solution and opening a world of new possibilities in outdoor adventure.

The vehicle was unveiled in a special color, Carmel White, inspired by the famous sand stones of Carmel Beach, California.The Cloudbreak™ Tent is a functional platform for relaxation, with dual access points at the back that lead into large entry ways.


The material composition of the tent includes weatherproof, durable, and high-quality materials such as high tenacity polyester that is resistant to tear.The base Alpha Wolf will have a single front-mounted electric motor and a base price of $ 36,000, while the dual-motor version will have AWD and enough Gravitas to go from zero to 60 mph in 5.2 seconds accelerate (6.2 seconds for the basic version with FWD). ). Alpha claims a range of around 275 miles with an unspecified battery./Alpha Motor Corporation

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