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Alpine Cross Cabin Futuristic Camper


The new Cross Cabin vehicle design presented by the navigation and sound specialist ALPINE combines mobility, remote work and quality leisure time in a revolutionary concept van. This study embodies a prefectly equipped “mobile office” and at the same time offers all the advantages of a motorhome.

source-image: miniCampers

The Alpine Cross Cabin is surprising in both looks and functionality. It’s based on a 6,70-meter (264-inch) Ford Transit van that has been modified to illustrate Alps Alpine’s idea of a workcation vehicle. As such, it’s both competent and fun, and renders itself ideal for both scenarios of work and leisure activities, or anything in between.

The revolutionary interior design consists of acoustic panels that flow into a face-to-face bench, among other things. The sense of minimalism and functionality is complemented by Japanese tatami mat flooring. The hidden integration of sleeping places, state-of-the-art sound systems and indirect, atmospheric LED lighting defines a new standard in van interior design.


The core element of the Cross Cabin is the “Smart Table”: Hidden in the floor when not in use, the table can be folded up and rotated to serve either as a large desk or as a long dining or conference table. The tabletop can be opened to reveal a 32-inch monitor and an integrated full-size keyboard that enables professional working when connecting a laptop. If you want to enjoy the beautiful landscape and the fresh air while working, you can pull out the terrace with the “Smart Table” to the back.