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Retro Houseboat Transformed Into Houseboat


In this video, we’re checking out an awesome 1-bedroom houseboat that’s an absolute dream for life on the water! When the owner found it, this boat from the ‘80s was in pretty rough shape.

source.image: Exploring Alternatives

He bought it as is for $27k CAD and with some help, he spent months gutting it and rebuilding it into a beautiful space with lots of character and functionality.Watch the video from Exploring Alternatives:

This boat is called N’eau Rush, and it’s 42′ long and 12′ wide with three great outdoor decks, and 240 square feet of cozy indoor living space.


David gives us a full tour of his boat, plus he shares some of the renovation process he went through, how much he paid for the boat and the renovation, and some of the advantages and challenges that come along with houseboats. After rebuilding this old boat, he decided that he wanted to try and design a new one from scratch.