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Alternative To Wood From Coconut Waste CocoPallet


CocoPallet, a “waste2value” company that makes affordable, sustainable pallets from coconut waste, was awarded the Waste & Water track prize of €15K sponsored by Sycomore Asset Management.

source/image: cocopallet

They have developed a technique to press 100% bio-based export compliant pallets for Asian exporters. Currently, these exporters use 1.7 billion wooden pallets per year, causing 170 million trees to be harvested.

source/image: cocopallet

CocoPallet saves millions of trees, heavily reducing our carbon footprint while paying farmers for their waste and saving costs for customers.


These pallets are lighter, stronger, fire-retardant, and even take up less space than the traditional pallets thanks to their adjusted design and ability to be stacked.

In addition to all of this, they are cheaper to make, which is always a good sales pitch for businesses, and they are more environmentally friendly too, saving millions of trees every year, all while using up the massive amounts of coconut waste that Asia produces.

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