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Amazing Architecturally-Designed Skylark Cabin Airbnb


We are excited to once again partner with Airbnb to bring you the tour of this stunning Airbnb cabin in New Zealand!

source/image(PrtSc): Living Big In A Tiny House

In this weeks episode we meet Garry,who has constructed a spectacular, architecturally designed cabin in Twizel, New Zealand. This cabin was designed in collaboration between Garry and his architect, Barry Connor.

This cabin is absolutely loaded with brilliant design. From the striking exterior designed to nestle the home into the landscape, through to the stunning cozy interior with wonderful windows that perfectly frame the exterior environment. This cabin is unquestionably home to some truly great design.


Garry lives in the home part time, but also rents his home out on Airbnb. Becoming an Airbnb host has enabled him to share this very special architecturally designed space with others./Living Big In A Tiny House

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