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Amazing Double Domino Style Brick-Laying Technique

Construction work is pretty straightforward, with specific instructions on how to build sections of a structure efficiently laid out for ease. But there are also ways where the methods are injected with a bit of fancy technique to make it look more fun to do.

image credit: iTunez

The bricks were arranged in a long line just like domino tiles, before one was pushed to bring down all the other bricks in succession. But what made it more awesome to watch was how the bricks were laid neatly flat on the cascade back.

If you’re wondering how that worked:Position the last block a little further than the rest. The next to last block, which was momentarily holding up the third to last block, falls flat.


Now, the third to last block falls, and the fourth from last flops down because it lost the block propping it up in front of it. Repeat till the end.”Either way, just add some mortar to the bottom of the bricks, and perhaps you can cut your work day in half.