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DIY Unusual Home for a Giant Snail


In this video I show you how to make amazing and very unusual home for a giant snail or any pet! As material I chose acrulic glass 2 mm thickness. You need 9 parts. All needed measurments are shown in the video. Decoration is up to you, use your imagination 🙂 As result you will get unique and 100% unusual terrarium.

image/text credit: The Q

Giant land snails are considered to be great pets for a young child, as they are easy to look after. Before you buy yourself or your child a giant land snail you must consider it needs and make sure you have a suitable home for it.

Generally your giant land snail should be kept in a large tank or terrarium that has a strong lid and lets plenty of air into the tank we don’t want your snail suffocating. Ones that have transparent sides are good for watching your pet.The terrarium shouldn’t be kept in direct sunlight as snails burn easily and overheating can kill them.


It is important that whatever you put in your snail’s tank (with the exception of some foods) has been soaked for at least 24 hours. This should remove any harmful chemicals.Never put rocks or stones in your snail’s tank. If they are climbing up the lid and they fall, they could crack their shell or worse.

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