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AMG ONE The Formula 1 Derived Hypercar


This is the new Mercedes-AMG ONE! The Formula 1 derived hypercar is finally here in production specification and ready for the builds to begin. This is the perfect opportunity to explore it in full, exterior and interior, to take in all the details and check out the new Race Plus Mode!

source/image(PrtSc): Shmee150

First launched back at the Frankfurt IAA Motorshow in 2017, the AMG ONE celebrated 50 years of AMG and the immense success the company was having in F1.

Powered by an incredibly complex system that is as close to the Formula 1 powertrain as you can get; it’s a 1.6l turbo V6 with a series of electric motors that produces a total of 1,063hp.


In addition to exploring the exterior design and aero, checking out the engine bay, and taking a seat inside, we can run through all of the details about this stunning machine with the Motorsport Package with painted livery akin to the F1 cars./Shmee150