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An Easy-To-Install Prefab Cabin As Alternative To Rental Flats


In response to his city’s housing crisis, Simon Becker created a prototype cabin that can be placed on any underutilized plot or rooftop (according to one study, there is space for 55,000 apartments on Berlin’s unused roofs).

source/image: Kirsten Dirksen

The prototype from Cabinspacey, which is currently on the ground so people can view it easily, measures in at just 270 square feet (25 sqm), has a facade of pre-aged silver fir, and a bank of solar panels on the roof.

Cabin Spacey can accommodate up to two people comfortably, and is built with sustainable materials that lends a guaranteed life-span of 80 years.The cabin’s interior feels warm and well-lit, thanks to the abundance of wood everywhere, a skylight over the lofted sleeping mezzanine, and a large window at one end.


In the multi-functional lounge, there’s a window seat that transforms into a guest bed, and a small dining area. In a small cabin like this, storage is a must, so the designers included storage under the window seat.The kitchenette is small but functional, and includes a regular-sized induction cooktop, a refrigerator, washing machine and even an integrated coffee machine.

VIAKirsten Dirksen
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