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Anchor Drop Total Failure – The Loss Of An Anchor On The Ship

Surrounding circumstances and conditions are probably the greatest variables when the ship is at sea. It may become necessary all of a sudden to drop anchor in an emergency in case of steering failure, probable collision, manoeuvring in shallow waters etc.

image/source: Claus Tuxen

This video appears to be a freighter’s anchor being lost as it is dropped. The situation just gets worse and worse as the chain’s momentum increases and whatever braking mechanisms exist fail.

Soon, metal is on fire, and it seems clear that it is now time to back away from the gigantic runaway anchor chain whose back end components are likely to go places unknown when they emerge from the ship. Yet our intrepid shooter keeps filming!


The chains just start spinning wildly and the friction of the metal goes nuts and there’s really no way to stop it other than to just let it continue to drop and burn.Smoke, fire, chaos. That’s what happens when a freight ship’s anchor loses control and dives straight into the ocean.