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ANYMAL World’s First Off Shore Patrolling Robot


Meet ANYmal, the world’s first off shore patrolling robot, that does safety inspections in hazardous environments.This autonomous patrolling robot, can patrol day and night 365 days a year, it is highly mobile and can navigate complex hallway systems and even go up and down stairs, and the best thing is, it never complains about the work.

source/image(PrtSc): Wonder World

Robots like ANYmal, now makes it possible to perform routine inspections, in hazardous and potentially explosive environments, such as Chemical factories, Oil & Gas Refineries and Power Plants.

Equipped with a customized sensorhead, a four-legged robotic platform ANYmal autonomously performed various inspection tasks of the platform.


Based on its autonomous navigation capabilities, ANYmal performs routine inspection tasks to monitor machine operations, read out sensory equipment and detect thermal hotspots and oil or water leakages./Wonder World