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Apocalypse Ford Bronco 6×6 Dark Horse


Apocalypse Manufacturing, the company known for constructing innovative six-wheel-drive trucks to combat all on/off-road scenarios, have debuted their “Dark Horse,” the world’s first and only Ford Bronco 6×6. The Dark Horse starts life as a four-door, four-wheel 4×4 Ford Bronco, that comes with a factory turbocharged V-6 engine.

source.image(PrtSc): DPCcars

To enhance the truck’s look and function, Apocalypse Manufacturing tunes that motor to produce a trampling 400 horsepower, through the use of software tuning, larger injectors and a full exhaust upgrade, thus giving it a distinctive snarl. But of course, the real magic in this off-road Clydesdale is not only its beefed-up appearance, but the patented middle tandem axle, created in house by Apocalypse Manufacturing, that delivers power to all six-wheels.

What begins as an SUV that measures 189” in length will end up a pickup truck that measures 225” bumper to bumper. As the standard Ford Bronco enters the warehouse, its back is immediately cut off before its body is extended through the use of steel and fiberglass to create a five-foot-long, fully functional, bed. The Bronco’s convertible roof is discarded in favor of a custom-made elongated fiberglass, hardtop, slant back, that can be easily removed and added back as much the owner desires.


The Dark Horse and other Apocalypse Manufacturing 6×6 models, like the Doomsday, HellFire and Sinister 6, have some similarities in their rear-end drivetrain and some glaring differences when it comes to each truck’s front end. All models feature a custom tandem, handmade, middle-axle that adds powers all wheels. The Dark Horse’s back end, which features its four rear tires, is completely different from the aforementioned models, due to its coilover suspension.