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Living Full Time In a Spacious Toy Hauler RV


Welcome to the Full-Time Glamping Adventure with Adrian and Erica! In this tour, you’ll discover how they stumbled upon their cherished RV at an RV dealership, transforming it into a perfect abode for their full-time glamping lifestyle.Step into a kitchen that maximizes both space and functionality. You’ll appreciate the residential sink, ideal for handling large cookware without the hindrance of a divider.

source.image: Tiny Home Tours

The kitchen island boasts an innovative drying rack for cups and ample storage for all your baking and cooking needs. And the highlight? The air fryer oven, rendering the conventional propane oven obsolete. Experience the shift to solar power, eliminating the need for propane. An electric skillet becomes your new cooking companion, offering an efficient and safe way to prepare meals.

The centerpiece of the kitchen is the energy-efficient residential refrigerator. Drawing only 80 to 100 Watts, it significantly outperforms the previous dual-fuel fridge, ensuring no more wastage of groceries and money. Discover a living room that doubles as an office area. Customization is key, with a modified couch arrangement and a desk installed in the slide-out section, creating a productive workspace.


Understand the financial commitment of purchasing a fifth wheel and truck during peak Co times. The fifth wheel cost around $72,000, with an additional $20,000 spent on solar installation and labor. The truck, a 2020 one-ton mega cab Cumins, also demanded a similar investment, plus modifications for enhanced towing capabilities. Explore the transformed toy hauler garage, now a cozy dining area that doubles as a sleeping space. Here, you’ll also find a dual monitor office setup and a convenient half bath that doubles as storage.