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Arctic DOME HOME Recycles Water And Grows Food


A Norwegian family of 6 built a cob house inside of a glass dome on a remote island. This incredible home is extremely efficient, allowing the family to live here comfortably year round while growing their own vegetables and creating natural heating and cooling.

source/image(PrtSc): Ingrid Marie Hjertefølger

The five-bedroom, two-bathroom home comprises a hand-built interior structure covered by a massive glass dome measuring nearly 50 feet in diameter. The glass geodesic structure designed by Solardome. Watch the video from Tiny House Giant Journey for more info:

The glass dome protects the interior from harsh Arctic conditions. The Dome Home is equiped with a small greenhouse that is irrigated using waste water treated by plants and sand in the greenhouse. They can even grow tropical fruits!


A system of long buried pipes leading down to the beach bring fresh air into the home.The home took four years to build and over 300 tonnes of cob were used in its construction.

VIATiny House Giant Journey
SOURCEIngrid Marie Hjertefølger
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