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Motorhome Fiat Doblo Work Up 1.6 Ronin XL


It is manufactured from a Monoblock, non-flammable and antibacterial fiberglass body.Monoblock technology keeps the inside cabin temperature same in either hot or cold weather. Thanks to its 20mm high density Polyurethane insulation, the cabin walls create the thermos affect condition, which prevent heat transfer from the inside to the outside and reverse. It means your cabin stays the same temperature when you heat or cool it.

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The antibacterial feature of the cabin also stops any bacteria growth and formation.Ronin XL is designed to offer you various individual solutions to customize your motorhome to your own special vacation needs and requirements.

Together, with Fiat’s experts, we have developed a perfect matching cabin body for different vehicle conditions; that is why we can mount it without making any changes on Fiat’s original framework. Hence, the warranty of 3 years for 150,000 km is granted.


In Ronin XL, like other Ronin series, the front-rear axle weight distribution is 50:50 and thanks to this feature, you enjoy a very safe and comfortable journey and high driving dynamics.On the passenger side, the kitchenette adjoins the U-shaped seating group. A two-burner stove and a sink are available here. The fresh water tank has a capacity of 88 liters and the waste water tank has a capacity of 50 liters.hotomobil

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